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Estate Planning FAQs

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Estate Planning Basics

Estate Planning Basics

  • What is Estate planning? This is probably the most frequently asked question we encounter. Here’s a simple explantation.
  • What does an estate plan actually include?  An estate plan includes a will, plus other documents meant to cover all the problems that arise when the unthinkable happens.  Here is a complete list of the documents most commonly included in an estate plan.
  • I’m not rich,  do I really need an estate plan?  Yes, estate planning is for everyone. Here are the benefits of having an estate plan whether you’re rich or not.
  • Aren’t I too young ?  It’s never to early to have an estate plan, but it’s often too late. Don’t be one of those people who put’s off estate planning until it’s too late, and as a result leaves their family unprepared and unprotected.
  • Won’t my spouse get all my property anyways?  In some cases, no.  The laws of intestate succession in Nevada do not always give everything to your spouse.  Here’s some more information on Nevada’s intestacy laws.
  • I already have a will, do I need an estate plan?  What’s the difference?  A will is just one part of an estate plan.  You should also having a financial power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, and maybe a living trust.

Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney