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Power of attorney forms allow you to give someone else permission to make important decisions about your healthcare or finances. You have the right to decide who can exercise this power and the scope of their authority (e.g., for a single transaction or on an ongoing basis). You can try to use DIY power of attorney forms online, but these often do not tell you everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

A Reno power of attorney lawyer on our team would be happy to work with you to create power of attorney forms to accomplish your goals. Our experienced trusts and estates attorneys are well-versed in Nevada estate law and can answer your questions. We can also review any current power of attorney forms you have and help you make changes if necessary.

What Is a Power of Attorney Form?

A power of attorney is a document that gives someone—the agent or attorney in fact—permission to make decisions for someone else—the principal. In Nevada, there are two main types of power of attorney forms. A durable power of attorney lets someone else make financial decisions, like signing a real estate contract, and a medical power of attorney allows someone to make healthcare choices.

The person who creates the power of attorney can decide the parameters of the agent’s authority. For example, they can give someone authority to sign a specific real estate contract on a particular day or permit the person to make financial decisions at any time.

Power of attorney forms can be beneficial for people who are in the military because they can give someone else authority to take action while they are away. A well-practiced power of attorney lawyer serving Reno can help people decide if one of these documents would benefit their situation. Since these forms give someone else important decision-making power, people generally benefit from getting legal advice before signing over their rights.

Who Can Be Someone’s Agent on a Power of Attorney Form?

Under Nevada law, someone can serve as attorney in fact if they are 18 or over and can legally enter into a contract. The person also needs to know about and agree to have the authority to make decisions. In other words, the attorney in fact can change their mind about having the authority to make financial or healthcare decisions.

Typically, someone might choose another person, or more than one person, as a backup in case the primary agent declines to or cannot make decisions for the principal. Setting up successors helps ensure the person’s bases are covered, and there may be someone to step in. For example, someone might name their spouse as their primary attorney in fact, but name their two oldest children as successors.

Qualified power of attorney lawyers in Reno can help people pick who should act as their attorney in fact. They can also explain what it means to be an attorney in fact, to make sure everyone is on the same page. Seasoned lawyers can also put together the proper notices to the agent and successor agents so they know they may need to step in.

Get in Touch With a Power of Attorney Lawyer in Reno

If you are planning surgery, have an upcoming deployment, or want to strengthen your estate plan, you may need a power of attorney for healthcare or property. Naming someone who can step in and make decisions if you cannot do so can be an empowering experience, putting your mind at ease. You can help set yourself up for success by hiring a capable estate lawyer to assist you.

We understand that deciding who should be your power of attorney can be difficult to talk about. Our firm focuses on providing compassionate legal counsel to those who come to us for estate planning needs. Contact a Reno power of attorney lawyer on our team today to set up an initial appointment.